Can I Afford the Cost of Hope Care?

The Hope Clinic is not a free clinic; however we do offer reduced fees to uninsured patients. The fees are charged to patients on a sliding scale that is based on their annual household income. The Hope Clinic provides medical care at rates that are 30 to 60 percent less than the actual cost of services.

The physician determines the fee at the time of service, depending on the complexity of the office visit. Follow-up visits cost between $40 and $74 and do not include lab work or x-rays. Payment is due at the time of service.

Time is our most valuable resource at the Hope Clinic. We try to accommodate as many patients as possible on a daily basis, and missed appointments do not allow our physicians to use their time efficiently. To ensure a patient's presence at a scheduled appointment, a $40 fee may be required at the time an appointment is scheduled. For patients who pay the $40, the full amount will be applied to their self-pay service charge. Patients who do not show for a scheduled appointment are charged a $25 "no-show" fee.

Types of Payment

The Hope Clinic currently accepts two types of payment:

  • Self-Pay* – For patients who are uninsured or who desire to be seen as a self-pay patient with no insurance filed.
  • Medicare

* The Hope Clinic charges reduced fees for uninsured and cash paying patients. If you elect to self-pay and would like to be considered for the sliding scale, please bring one of the following documents to each visit:

  • Current pay stub
  • Most recent W-2 Form
  • Statement from employer verifying income
  • Shelter letter
  • Treatment program letter
  • Letter from caseworker
  • Letter from church or other health center